Read the latest online magazine version of OLD DOMINION GARDENER

Tips for viewing and using the ODG online magazine:

– The publication can be viewed using any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone – whatever your preference.

– Use your normal method of zooming/enlarging print (+ signs or hand gestures or touchscreen) as desired. 

– If you are using your phone, you can either view one page at a time, or turn your phone sideways to view two-page spreads.

– Use the controls (usually at the top of your screen) to download the ODG as a PDF file and save it to your device if desired.

– You can print selected pages (for example a school registration form) by selecting the print option, selecting which page (s) you wish to print, and then operating your normal print function – also opting to print in black and white vs color if desired.

Here is the link to ODG Summer 2024. 

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