Beautification Project

The Westham Garden Club has long been an important part of keeping our community beautiful throughout the seasons. And now in our 80th anniversary year, our commitment to the local area, specifically the Westham Parkway corridor, remains strong.

Together as a club, we will be working to maintain and beautify the two areas along the Westham Parkway.
  • The area surrounding the Westham Sign at the corner of Westhampton Parkway and River Road.
  • The area near the intersection of Westham Parkway and Hillsdale Rd.


The Beautification Committee will be leading this effort to strategize, organize and mobilize the many skilled hands of our volunteer gardeners to support this effort. But we need the guidance, expertise and input of everyone to get the job done.

This includes the tasks we are all familiar with from our own homes and gardens; Weeding, spraying, trimming, mulching and more. Additional beautification work such as new plantings or redesigns will also be managed by the committee as needed. However, ongoing maintenance is the bedrock of keeping any space well cultivated and is the cornerstone of any attractive garden.
Follow this link to find a calendar of biweekly garden maintenance work and to volunteer.

Please consider reaching out to other club members to sign up as a small group, working together and having fun! Put on your work gloves and dust off your favorite shears, spades and trowels. We will all benefit from learning from one another, and enjoying the efforts of our hard work.

Questions? Reach out to Lauren Dunn at or 804-822-5369.


Westham Parkway
Project Areas

Westham Parkway and River Road

Westham Parkway and Hillsdale Rd