The Westham Garden Club was established on May 25, 1943, to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Westham, a neighborhood adjacent to the University of Richmond and nestled in mature woodlands a short distance from the historic James River.  A rich abundance of wildlife and native flora gives Westham its distinctive charm, and the club’s effort to preserve this serene environment makes the neighborhood one of the most attractive and appealing residential communities in Richmond, Virginia.

Mrs. Alton Williams served as the club’s first president.  The club established the mission that has guided members for 75 years. The mission is to stimulate an interest in gardening; to encourage civic development; to maintain and enhance the landscaping of Westham’s common areas; and to protect the birds, wildflowers, and plants that thrive beneath a canopy of white oak and other hardwood trees.

Today, the Westham Garden Club continues to pursue a mission steeped in landscape and wildlife preservation, neighborhood beautification, and community volunteerism.  The club actively is engaged in projects and activities that improve and enhance the quality of life, not only for residents of Westham but for the Richmond community at large.  These projects include maintaining the median that rises and falls with the terrain along Westham Parkway, as well as several parks and triangles.  Thanks to the enduring work of the club’s members, Westham is designated as a bird sanctuary.

The Westham Garden Club is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (South Atlantic Region), the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. (Piedmont District), and the Richmond Council of Garden Clubs, Inc.


Garden Collect

Dear Heavenly Father,

We are all flowers in Your garden. Whether we are beautiful, delicate roses or cheerful, happy-go-lucky daisies, short small primroses or tall, stately irises, we are beautiful in Your eyes and have a special place in the world. Teach us to tolerate and love each other for both our differences and our similarities. Like the flowers in our garden, give us the strength and courage to withstand storms and the wisdom to bask in happy sunny days. 

Written by WGC member, Ann Wilson