WGC Regular Meetings 

Trinity United Methodist Church

903 Forest Avenue, 23229

Mastin Room

Trinity United Methodist Church is located on Forest Avenue in between Stuart Hall and Rock Creek Roads.  Entrances to parking lots are on both Stuart Hall and Rock Creek Roads.  The Mastin Room is located closest to the Stuart Hall parking lot entrance and is accessible from the back of the church.  The Mastin Room is the first room on the right after entering the lower level.

General meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month, September through April at 9:30 AM and 7:00 PM unless otherwise scheduled.  Refreshments are at 9:30 AM with a business meeting and program following at 10:00 AM.  At the 7:00 PM meeting, there is a short business meeting followed by the program.

The WGC website, www.WesthamGardenClub.com, contains complete up-to-date club calendar, general meeting program information, forms, membership list, history, gardening resources, constitution and by-laws and more. Website is updated regularly and should be checked for changes to the calendar. Members Only section is password protected.

There are hands-on workshops with fees.  Pre-registration is required and anyone who has not pre-registered will not have materials available at the meeting.

NOTE:  WGC board and general meetings are cancelled when Henrico schools are closed.

Richmond Council of Garden Clubs programs are held at the Church of the Epiphany, 8000 Hermitage Road, Richmond 23228. Hospitality: 10-10:30 AM.  Meeting followed by the program: 10:30-12 noon.  Attendance is free and open to all WGC members.  Annual meeting/luncheon in May requires a prepaid reservation.   

Piedmont District Fall & Spring Meetings are held at Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 9901 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond 23235.  Any WGC member is invited to participate in the day-long meeting with a prepaid reservation that includes garden-related shopping opportunities, business meeting, lunch and a speaker.


September 5 through September 13 – Fall Mum Sale/Club Fundraiser

Chairs: Judy Clough, Carol Cruickshanks, Terri Crawford

Order forms will be available on WGC website and at September 12 WGC meeting.  Completed order forms and checks (payable to WGC) can be mailed or dropped off at Judy Clough’s front porch (7104 Pinetree Road, Henrico, VA 23229). Deadline for ordering is September 13.

Pick-up date is September 25, 9:00 AM to noon, at River Road Baptist Church at their south parking lot on River Road. If you cannot pick up your order, please make arrangements for someone to pick up your mums. Call Judy with questions 804-513-4807.

September 5 – WGC Board Meeting 9:30 AM 

Ginny Boland’s home: 832 Arlington Circle

September 6 – Richmond Council of Garden Clubs Meeting 10 AM   Program: TBA

September 12 – WGC Meeting, Mastin Room 9:30 AM and 7 PM

Morning Hostesses:  Kristie Richards and Beth Adams

9:30 AM and 7:00 PM Programs:  “Grow and Design”, using home-grown foliage in your designs

Presenter:  Sheila Weisensale

Sheila Weisensale will include a pictoral journey of her Richmond garden’s foliage plants that can be used in a variety of floral designs.  This presentation includes pictures/discussion of Sheila’s favorite foliage plants and examples of floral designs that incorporate these wonderful foliage plants that are suited to planting in Westham area home gardens.  An informative handout that summarizes Sheila’s recommendations will be available–an excellent program for lovers of horticulture and floral design.

September 13 – Deadline for mum orders

September 25 – Pickup mum orders, River Road Baptist Church south parking lot, 9:00 AM to noon


October 3 – WGC Board Meeting 9:30 AM 

Barbara Tennant’s home: 710 West Drive Circle

October 4 – Richmond Council of Garden Clubs Meeting 10:00 AM   Program:  Edible Landscaping, Michael McConkey

October 10 – WGC Meeting, Mastin Room 9:30 AM and 7:00 PM

Morning Hostesses:  Carol Cruickshanks and Terri Crawford

9:30 AM and 7:00 PM Programs: “The Importance of a Plan–Even for Established Gardens”

Presenter:  Evan Froelich, Owner, Fernhill Landscaping and Nursery

Evan Froelich is a favorite with several of our members and will target his pictorial presentation to the value and importance of having a long-range design/maintenance plan whether you have an established yard or are starting fresh.  Emphasis will be on plants that perform well in the Westham area.  He will include tips for maintenance, when best to prune, and introduce permaculture.

October 14 – Piedmont District Fall Meeting. Reservations required by October 7.  Cost $30.

8:30 AM – 9:00 AM – Club President’s meeting

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM – Registration and shopping

10:00 AM – General meeting

11:30 AM – 12 noon – Recess

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Luncheon

1:00 PM – 2:45 PM – Design program, “Travels with Auntie Mame” presented by Kathleen Hawryluk



KISSING BALL FUNDRAISER.   Members please publicize this club fundraiser to family and friends.  Cost is $25 for a beautiful, natural holiday decoration that can be used inside or out.  Order forms will be available at the monthly meeting and also on the WGC website.  Construction workshops & pick-up for orders are December 4th & 5th.

November 1 – Richmond Council of Garden Clubs Meeting, 10:00 AM   Program: “Edible Landscaping” presented by Michael McConkey, Church of the Epiphany, 8000 Hermitage Road 23228  10:00 AM

November 7 – WGC Board Meeting 9:30 AM   

Mary Douglas Enghauser’s home: 1405 Severn Road

November 14 – WGC Meeting, Mastin Room   9:30 AM and 7:00 PM

Morning Hostesses:  Margaret Gentil and Amanda Carr

9:30 AM Program: “Holiday Beauty, Thanksgiving to New Year’s”

Presenter:  Louisa Rucker, Floral Designer

Louisa will demonstrate four arrangements that will give ideas for designs to use throughout the holidays.

7:00 PM Program: “Members Mentoring Members; a Thanksgiving Arrangement”

Presenter:  Terri Crawford and company.

This will be a hands-on workshop. Please bring clippers.  All supplies and guidance will be provided!  RSVP to Terri Crawford at tbc1955@gmail.com or 837-7043 by November 1st.     

$10 fee to cover supplies can be paid at the meeting.  



December 2 & 3–Boxwood Clouding for Kissing Ball Fundraiser, Locations & times TBA

Presenter:  Lauren Hunt

Many volunteers are needed to cloud boxwood which will be used at the kissing ball construction workshops on December 4, 6:30 PM and December 5th, 9 AM. Success of the project depends on having plenty of healthy boxwood at each workshop. Members should signup to cloud and will be assigned a location.  Clouding is healthy for the plant and involves snapping off small pieces of boxwood—this is done by hand; if you wear gloves, they should be new or freshly washed—clippers are NOT used. Protective booties are worn over shoes.   Boxwood is gathered into trash bags and members take the bags home to soak in water (this can be done in a large cooler or tub); on workshop day, water is drained and bagged boxwood brought to the workshop location.   

December 4 – Kissing Ball Fundraiser Workshop 6:30 PM (or come when you can anytime after 6:30 PM —need lots of help). Location: Ginny Boland’s garage: 832 Arlington Circle 

Presenter:  Vicky Garrison

Boxwood kissing balls will be made to fulfill pre-orders—this is our club’s biggest fundraiser and each member’s participation is encouraged.  Participants are asked to make 2-3 kissing balls. You will learn to make kissing balls that will last throughout the holiday season.  This is a fun night so come join in—all supplies are provided.

December 5 – Kissing Ball Fundraiser Workshop 9:00 AM Trinity Gymnasium

Presenter:  Vicky Garrison

Volunteers needed to participate in our annual fundraising event.  This is a busy workshop so please plan on arriving at 9 AM to construct kissing balls to fulfill orders and stay through cleanup about 12:30 PM.  Participants are asked to make 2-3 kissing balls but we need your participation even if you can only work an hour or two.  Kissing balls will be ready for pickup the day of workshop.  Each member is asked to explore getting orders from friends or neighbors.  Kissing balls make a great gift!  Cost is $25

December 6 – Richmond Council of Garden Clubs Meeting 10:00 AM   Program:  Ashland Christmas Elves:  Competition on Making Holiday Arrangements

December 12 – WGC Christmas Party 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Host Home:  Judy and Charles Clough, 7104 Pinetree Road

Hostess:  Sallie Rhett

Bring a substantial plated appetizer to serve 6-8.  Beer and wine provided.  Spouses welcome.


January 9 – WGC Board Meeting, Mastin Room, 9:00 AM

January 9 – WGC Meeting, Mastin Room, 9:30 AM and 7:00 PM

Morning Hostesses:  Judy Boland and Annie Laurie Gushman

9:30 AM  Presenters:  Mary Douglas Enghauser & Judy Price

This is a hands-on workshop where members will be creating small fresh arrangements for Meals on Wheels clients.  Members should bring greens from their yards and instruction will be given to construct a predominately “green” arrangement.   Club will provide flowers to add a pop of color to brighten the small green design! Please save small, clean, soup-size tin cans.  Cans brought to October and November meetings will be painted for the January workshop—recycle, beautify and re-use! 

The evening program in January is cancelled.


February 6 – WGC Board Meeting, 9:30 AM 

Elizabeth Davis’ home:  7113 Pinetree Road

February 7 – Richmond Council of Garden Clubs Meeting   10 AM   Program:  Lewis Ginter’s partnership with FeedMore in their Kroger Community Garden; Presented by Laurel Matthew, Service Horticulturist, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

February 13 – WGC Meeting     Mastin Room    9:30 AM and 7 PM

Morning Hostesses:  Janis Saylor and Pam Parris

9:30 AM Program:  “Getting Ready for Spring”

Presenter:  Kat Boch, owner, Sawtooth Tree & Garden  

What to do in late Winter to make your yard beautiful in Spring!

7:00 PM Program:  “Free Plants”

Presenter:  Master Gardener, Henrico Extension Speaker’s Bureau 

Get educated on how to get new plants for free by growing them from seed, cuttings, dividing and rooting.  

MARCH 2020

March 5 – WGC Board Meeting, 9:30 AM

Terri Crawford’s home:  7202 Pinetree Road

March 6 – Richmond Council of Garden Clubs Meeting   10 :00 AM  Program:  Your Backyard Habitat and Why it is Important, Sheryl Smith

March 12 – WGC Meeting   Mastin Room   9:30 AM 

Morning Hostesses:  Suzie Luxton and Sue Jones

9:30 AM Program:  “Design with Flowers Grown in Your Own Yard!!”

Presenter:  Sheila Weisensale

Sheila is returning to WGC to present a pictorial journey of her extensive cut flower garden and floral designs.  Sheila lives and gardens in Richmond and the flowers she showcases can be grown in your own garden in Westham! This presentation will include pictures and discussion of her favorite cut flower plants as well as floral designs that incorporate her favorites. An informative hand-out summarizing Sheila’s recommendations will be available; for gardeners and lovers of floral design!

No Evening Meeting

Due to the restrictions related to Covid-19, all Spring programs and events have been cancelled. Look for great programs in the Fall!